Michele Price

DayBreak Coaching is the culmination of passion and experience that has encompassed my life. As early as my pre-teen years, my joy and purpose has been to help others in any capacity. 

A less than desirable childhood riddled with abuse, created in me a desire for more in life. I determined that the abuse would not defeat me. After being placed in a nurturing foster home, I found myself, my identity, my purpose. I was created to help, guide, counsel, coach people. My first period on my first day of 8th grade in a new school in a new town, I reached out to a peer who was struggling and actually pulled her out of the classroom to talk without permission. And shockingly, there was no consequence to that from the teacher. And this girl, to this day, over thirty years later, we are still connected.

My passion grew from there. Helping people in all capacities connected me to their lives and I became invested in their success and healing. This carried me through college, and into my twenties. As a military spouse, the opportunities were endless. Support Groups and Team leaders allowed me to continue to work, mostly with women. 

As the Women’s Ministry Director for 12 years, the opportunities continued to to help women meet their goals and their passions. I started a private women’s ministry away from the church with over 165 women who passed through our organization. In large groups, small groups, and one on one, these women shared their hurts, their passions, and their drives with me and we spent much time walking through these together.

In  addition to this, I home-schooled my three daughters and held a crucial role in their education and development into adulthood. Three teenage girls at one time required focus and calmness. 

Coaching is my passion. Helping people discover who they are and setting and meeting goals is a high like no other. I also have a disease called Organization. I mean truly a disease. I can organize everything - your home, your calendar, your priorities, business structures, and time management. And then there is relationship development, personal and professional that I crafted by knowing the people involved and the persons that they are and encouraging each other, personally or professionally to come together.

I am a Certified Professional Coach, trained through programs affiliated with International Coaching Federation. (ICF). I am a published author of Christian Fiction - achieving my own goals and dreams. I operate my own small business making homemade soaps and skin care products. I am married to my best friend since junior high. And I live to serve God. This is me.

And this is my dream, to help you.

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