The early morning hours are my favorite. I am the only one awake. It is quiet. A great time for preparation for the day. The perfect time for reflection. And mostly for me. A time to sit before the Lord, seek His word, and talk with Him. Some mornings, most of them, even a time to sing to Him. I think He might be the only one who thinks my singing is beautiful to His ears. 🙂

It’s in this time that I get the most accomplished and feel the most peaceful.

And of course, this morning, January 1 of a new year, a new decade, I am thinking ahead and of what’s to come. It is a scary, but exciting thing to leave your guaranteed income and promotion, and success,. The knowns of each day and how to attack the day. And instead, I no longer know what each day brings.  This journey is unknown. This dream is happening. And the timing could not be more perfect in my life. His timing.

So what I am praying for this new year, this new endeavor…people…relationships…opportunity…serving…peace…grace. the opportunity to share His presence through love and actions.

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